We work with international suppliers from the United States, Europe and Asia, to always guarantee the best price and the best quality!
Our suppliers will ship your product directly from the factory to you.
Delivery time will be between 10 to 25 working days.
If there are customs delays and the order is detained in Brazil, this time until release does not count as a delivery time.
We take care to choose suppliers that, in addition to price and quality, also speed up shipping times.
After the stipulated period, we recommend that you contact the Post Office to clarify the reason for the delay.
If the couriers are not in possession of your order, please contact us immediately so that we can check with our suppliers.
Confirming that there is a problem in the logistics of your order, we will make a FULL refund of your purchase, immediately, after these verification steps.
The tracking code for your purchase will be sent by email within 5 to 10 business days after your order is confirmed.
If your order was made using the Boleto Bancário option, the time between payment and bank clearing can take up to 5 business days.